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Official release from the MTB Rendezvous organisers.


We are in the unfortunate position of announcing the cancellation of the MTB Rendezvous 2012, due to take place in Knockree Youth Hostel this coming Sunday, 23rdSeptember.

We have received tremendous support for this new format of socialising on a bike, which encompasses all the good things about cycling. Both from the cycling industry in Ireland, the many individuals and cycling clubs looking to participate to the local businesses who welcome cyclist through their doors every weekend.

Unfortunately the success of this novel idea has been its down fall and has brought concerns from the forestry state body Coillte regarding access to their lands and the byelaws covering this. Due to these concerns we will not be continuing with the Rendezvous.

As organisers of the Rendezvous, our sole objective was to provide a social lunch for all who arrived at Knockree by which ever means they wished. It has never been to organise the routes anyone cycled.

Keen cyclist as we are, we are not members of any Cycling Ireland club, nor was this a competitive event. However the threat hanging over future Cycling Ireland events on Coillte land has been too great. We respect Coillte’s concerns and the byelaws governing their forests and access and do not want to jeopardise any future MTB events with the possibility of substantial numbers of cyclists on their land.

So I would ask all cyclists to do what you do every Sunday and enjoy your biking in designated trails. Thank you again for the interest you have shown in Rendezvous.

Safe riding

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18 Sep 2012

MTB Rendezvous 2012 – Cancelled

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