XC Club League

The IMBRC inter-club league takes place on Tuesday evenings from late April to the middle of July, or approx 10 weeks. There are club and guest awards available to the top three in each cat and Lady and youth awards are also presented to the winners.

The club league is open to any IMBRC, MAD, EPIC, WORC and members of other clubs provided you have a Cycling Ireland Licence. If you would like to take part in the series or just a couple of rounds please contact us at clubleague@imbrc.com

Weekly league results can be found here

Check out some club league videos form 2014

Previous league winners

Adam McGarr 2015

Jim Haide 2014

Leo McGarr 2013 & 2012

Ian Jackson 2011

Peter ONeill 2010

?????????? 2009